The Art of Betty Glass


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Abstract 13 Ab pg1-05
Burning Man (Sold)
Prints only
Ab pg3-05
Clam Shack Ab pg2-04
Copper Mountain Ab pg2-05
Don Quixote Ab pg1-04
Harmony Ab pg2-06
Kalidoscope (Sold)
Prints only
Ab pg2-07
Madrid Ab pg3-01
Miami CSI Ab pg2-03
Out of Africa Ab pg2-01
Pele's Song Ab pg2-05
Pink Diamond Mine Ab pg2-02
Queen of Hearts Ab pg1-02
Suburbia Ab pg3-02
Tiny Bubbles Ab pg1-06
Tsunami Ab pg3-03
Windswept Ab pg1-01
Yellow Abstract Ab pg1-03
Carousel Frog An pg2-06
Carousel Horse An pg2-02
Humming Bird An pg2-01
Lion An pg1-09
Lion Fish An pg1-08
Lizards An pg1-03
Monkeys An pg1-04
Panda (NFS) Prints only An pg1-01
Satchmo (Sold)
Prints only
An pg1-05
School of Fish (Schools Out) An pg1-06
Sea Horse An 11
Single Fish An pg1-07
Teddy Bears An pg2-03
Deep Sea Diver (Tiny Fish) An pg1-10
Toucans An pg1-02
Troika An pg2-04
Turtle An pg2-05
Sea Turtle (Sold)
Prints only
An pg2-07
Anthurium Delerium Fl pg1-05
Autum Play Fl pg3-05
Bird of Paradise Fl pg1-03
Bottom of the Garden Fl pg1-02
Green Flowers Fl pg1-05
Heavenly Heliconia Fl pg3-06
Invitation Fl pg1-08
Lavender Blue Fl pg1-04
Orange Flowers Fl pg1-07
Orange and Green Flowers Fl pg1-06
Rain Forest Fl pg3-04
Rainbow Anthurium Fl pg1-05
Rainy Day Garden Fl pg3-01
Red Ginger Fl pg1-02
Tree Fl pg1-01
Tropical Flow Fl pg2-01
Tulips Fl pg4-01
Vine Fl pg3-03
Water Lillies Fl pg3-02
White Ginger Fl pg1-06
Yellow Flowers Fl pg1-04
Old Lahina Buddha Peo pg 01
Soccer Peo pg 03
Verouchka (Prints Only) Peo pg 02
A Sunny Day L pg2-3
Beach Homes L pg3-1
Bottom of the Garden L pg3- 5
Church L pg2-1
Crystal Cove L pg3-2
Evening on the Mesa L pg1-5
Gazebo L pg1-4
Highway Border L pg2-5
House on the Hill L pg1-1
Kuai L pg1-3
Lake in the Woods L pg1-2
La Verne Watertower L pg3-3
Mountain Vista L pg2-6
Old Claremont L pg2-4
On the Bluff L pg3-4
The Islands Call L pg2-2
Umbrellas L pg1-6
Western Themes
Kachinas W pg 1-01
Kachinas Dance W pg 1-02

Spirit of the Woods

W pg 1-03

Woodland Warrior

W pg 1-04
Tired and Retired T pg 01
Tonka Truck T pg 02
Truck T pg 03
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